a letter to my seven-year-old self.

This series, this process of reclaiming my twenties and gaining wisdom from women all over the globe, has sparked something in me. It has spurred me to not only reclaim my twenties, but to go back and reclaim all my younger selves. I've felt them coming up for air, for healing, for closure, and it's been this tremendous journey of slowly going back and giving them all love. For months now I've felt my much-younger, child-self surfacing, and this is my letter to her.


Dear seven-year-old Ruth,

No matter what,

no matter how unsure you are about everything,

no matter how much you hate your second grade class full of mean girls,

no matter how misunderstood you feel,

no matter how petrified you are to sell Girl Scout cookies door-to-door,

no matter how much you hate waiting in the outfield for balls that never come to you,

no matter how painfully shy you feel you are,

no matter how uncomfortable it is riding the bus,

no matter how sad you are that your rabbit Otis died,

no matter how much time you spend wandering the backyard alone,

no matter how big and scary the world may feel,

it will all be okay.