I promise you, you're not.

i promise you

When you're lying in bed struggling to fall asleep because you fear that you are totally alone.....you're not.

When you're at home and hear people laughing in the street and assume that you must be the only one sitting in their living room watching Netflix.....you're not.

When you're walking through a store thinking that you must be an idiot because the woman next to you must be silently judging you for looking at all the clearance sections.....you're not.

When you're feeling like the only one in the world putting themselves to bed at 8:30pm because it's been a really hard week.....you're not.

When you're feeling intense anxiety in your body and wondering how everyone else can go about their business just fine and you assume you must be the only one.....you're not.

When you're rethinking all those text messages and deciding that you were ridiculous for even thinking of sending them.....you're not.

When you're doing anything that is totally, unequivocally, completely you
and begin to feel any shreds of doubt or judgment or negativity
and start to feel like you are the craziest, most absurd person on earth.....

.....you're not.

I promise you, you're not.