get a tattoo design, by me!


Early in 2013, I was in the midst of some huge life changes -- quitting the job I'd had for the last five years, beginning a new one in a new city, and finally making a big move and starting life from scratch, it felt. 

It was full of transition and nerves and excitement and gratitude. And what a perfect moment to mark time with a gorgeous tattoo.

My first tattoo.  Two words, just love. Created by my own hand, in my own writing, and tattooed across my forearm, a quiet reminder to be seen always. It was exactly what I needed to give myself in a time of my life when everything felt just a little bit upside down, in the best of ways.

I loved it so much more than I even thought I would.....and so did others. Soon I had requests coming in every day for words in my handwriting, to be marked on skin in beautiful tattoos. As I carefully wrote out each piece I fell a little bit in love, with the piece and with the person, over and over again.

And so now I offer it to you.


A Handwritten Text Tattoo Design

      : a phrase of up to three words of your choice
      : up to two revisions after the initial design, through email correspondence


With two options:

01. Digital File Design, sent by email: $45

02. Handmade Tattoo Package, sent by mail to be held in your hands. Includes a couple of goodies, a love note from me, and your design beautifully packaged: $65

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"As soon as I saw Ruth's work I knew I wanted her to design my 'yes' tattoo.  She was quick to respond, and incorporated all of my thoughts into the perfect design with only one redesign necessary because she nailed it.  I've been passing her information along left and right because I'm so happy about the whole process!  Finally, but probably most importantly, I feel like she was able to bring Soul alive in the design and that I'm carrying a secret, sacred talisman on my body.  I've had a perfect experience with her."
-- Maggie Hollinbeck,

"I was using  temporary tattoos for about a year.   And then one day, I saw Ruth’s gorgeous work…..and that was it... the moment I knew I had to have it…the first day she opened the shop!  Design was sent to me so fast and communicating with Ruth was such a joy.  She was able to read exactly what my soul wanted and translate it into an image.  Bless you talented Ruth, you have created an image of my feelings, amazing <3" 
-- Maria Nadel,

"When it came time for my next tattoo, I just knew Ruth needed to create it for me.  I had to have the personal handmade design so that I would have a memory that I could hold in my hand, or place in a frame to remind me of this beautiful commitment I was making to myself.  When the design arrived in my mailbox, I could hardly wait to open it!  It was filled with beautiful treasures and smelled divine.  I am all ready having dreams of my next one!"
-- Natasha Walters,