a love note for me and for you.

this is the big, real work. the real stuff of life, a life that is whole and rich and deep. 

it’s holding onto belief and faith in the midst of heartache and pain and hopelessness. it’s a tiny kernel of light that’s held in the heart and even when flickering, doesn’t go out.

this is hard. and takes a tremendous amount of courage. and sometimes it feels so vague and far away and yet, it is there. flickering.

hold onto hope. feel the pain and then let it float around the bedroom, in the wisps of incense smoke and behind the dresser and up under the lampshades and between the curtains, let it float. give it space and freedom and it will move on. 

but first feel it, sweet girl, and cry the tears and wail the sobs and let it wrack you down to your very core.

these things are your becoming.

"these things are your becoming" is part of a favorite chapter of mine in cheryl strayed's "tiny beautiful things." i would highly recommend it, oh yes.