a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Back in the day, I used to call these kinds of posts "photo dumps." Of course now with Instagram and Facebook and iPhones at our fingertips, we kind of photo dump all day, don't we?

Lately though, I've been giving myself space from social media. I have for the past couple of months, actually. And it's felt good. No rules, nothing strict, just a general.....backing away. I find I'm much more prone to taking a picture in the moment, tucking it away instead of immediately filtering it and uploading it and captioning it, and then finding it a couple days later, and having fun editing it just for my own keeping.

And then there's also the space to get out the real camera. (Gasp!) That's right. A few weeks ago I decided to go back and read through my old blog (from 2009, yikes) and it's astounding how many photos I took and shared. Before iPhones. Before Instagram. Good old fashioned blogging with a good old fashioned camera. Ha!

And so I've compiled some good ones from the past few weeks into this blog post I'm calling "a little bit of this and a little bit of that," because truly, isn't that what it is? Life. Sharing it for the sole purpose of sharing it.



I love taking drives through the East Side and hopping out to take pictures. Especially when you come upon the river and it's a gorgeous 70-degree day and the water is this lovely!


The Columbus Theater. Truly the most amazing historic music venue, and right around the corner from me! (See a photo from my last show here.)


A bit of springtime on the West Side.

Sneak peek at the new addition to the studio! I'm finally working out a real space to do my creating. Pretty much what I've wanted in life since I was 6 :)

cats and cards.jpg
cats and cards_1.jpg

These (sometimes) sweet kitties will be leaving at the end of the month and it's sort of breaking my heart. Martha has grown on me...

cats and cards_2.jpg
cats and cards_3.jpg

I keep coming back to this picture because I love it so much. 2am, a new Providence bar, a new Providence friend. Love.

Photo May 10, 8 25 14 PM.jpg

I can feel the weather in this picture. It was just getting warm, the night was breezy, there was the potential for a thunderstorm, my window was wide open, and the curtains were blowing in. A perfect May evening. (And yes, those basil plants are hanging out in a cut-up bottom of a Capri Sun box.)

Photo May 11, 1 07 24 PM.jpg

While finding a photo of my mom and I on Mother's Day, I came across this gem -- my older sister Rachel and I, hanging out in the backyard with our old dog Lucky. The barrettes, shoes, and Polaroid in my hand are clear indicators of the late eighties. What a gem. (And what a good sport that Lucky was.)

Photo May 11, 7 58 36 AM.jpg
Photo May 12, 1 54 11 PM.jpg

I discovered a new spot for lunch breaks, now that it's warm. An entire field of grass beneath big leafy trees, that's usually empty now that finals are over. This day felt like particular bliss.


Yoga in the mornings is where it's at. Who knew? ;)

Photo May 13, 7 18 19 PM.jpg

I just can't get enough of MINT. I really have some pretty incredible friends. Jay just opened her new vintage shop right on Broadway, and I'm so proud of her. Makes me think anything is possible :)

Photo May 13, 7 53 42 AM.jpg

And lastly, a little early morning bus stop beauty. I do love Providence in May....