it's official: temporary tattoos are here.

That's right -- they're here! This project has been a long time coming and I'm so proud of them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I've been :)

As a start, there are two small designsjust love and free spirit. Measuring 1.5"x2.5", you can also (carefully!) cut them up -- mix and match them to come up with new phrases, single words, or play around with placement! (special thanks to my two incredible models, jay and bobby, who let me plaster them with tattoos and then photograph them on the streets of Providence!)



{My own real tattoo reads just love, and it was a gift from some special women in my life at this exact time last year. As I had been navigating some rough terrain in my life, the one thing I came to understand over and over again was that the only real thing there was, was love. Just love. That's all you need, nothing else. And what a comfort that is, no? So I decided I wanted it on my arm, permanently, to remember over and over again. It's a tremendous reminder when I forget, which I inevitably do quite often. And now, you can have it too :) }


Thank you so much for supporting Wilderness Design! You guys are the best.