hutch's first birthday.

One year ago this month my best friend from college birthed her first baby, a sweet chubby boy named Hutchison. I sat on her couch a few weeks later, both of us holding back tears as she recounted her birth story to me for the first time. I was so proud of her. She's always been so independent, with so much of her shit together, even when we were 19. Just seven years ago we were a couple of girls in a study abroad pre-departure course figuring out that we were both INFJs and falling in love with each other, and now she's brought a human into the world. It's wild, really.

And now he's one year old and the only baby in her family and so of course, there was a celebration. I pretended like I was family (extended family?) and loved him up along with everyone else and took a whole bunch of photos. Because he'll only be little for so long and gosh, I love his family :)

Happy birthday, Hutch!