scenes from early motherhood.

How can I even find the right words to describe the feeling you get when your friend has a baby? It makes me tear up every time I even think of it, imagining this soul sister of mine transitioning from maidenhood to motherhood, in a seeming instant. Suddenly her life will never be the same, now that this little being has entered it. 

And what a precious little being baby Jayden is. My dear friend Erica and I met almost two years ago, brought together in person at a weekend retreat. (Go ahead and click that link on her name -- we did that photo shoot when she was newly pregnant and didn't even know it! I suppose those are the first real photos of baby Jayden, and I love that.) We bonded quickly and I'm so glad to call her a friend now -- she's the sweetest, kindest, most genuine woman. I visited just 10 days after this little guy came into her world, met her husband Jeremy, saw her new home for the first time, and hung out for awhile, snapping pictures of the everyday life of a new mama. Seeing her as a mother felt so similar to seeing Steph become a mother -- awe-inspiring and heart-melting.

It's a special thing, seeing your friend become a mama. Erica, I'm so proud of you. xo