throwback thursday, desert style


Five months ago I was traipsing through the desert in moccasins and a rental car, my only experience of the desert being a pop-up book of habitats we had as kids and an episode of The Magic School Bus.


Five months ago I was driving down endless roads with a woman I had never met in person, listening to Trevor Hall and Xavier Rudd on repeat as we ate raw food from the Joshua Tree health food store and laughed until we hurt.

Five months ago I was waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of coyotes not-that-far-from-our-window yipping and howling under the full moon, and later scrambled out of bed in the morning to stand right where the coyotes had been and watch the sun rise over the desert hills.

Five months ago as my body was adjusting to dry air and high altitude, my heart was adjusting to the idea of a life bigger than the one I'd been imagining.

As the world was opening up before me, so was I.

And so a new adventure unfolds, calls to me, reveals itself...... More to come!


{Photos of me by the ever-talented Carmella, my roadtrip partner!}