4 | 13 | 2015

And suddenly it becomes hard to blog again, to put down in words something remotely interesting or poignant, and so I leave it silent, trusting that this cyclical blogging thing is just that, cyclical. Sometimes the creativity flows more steadily and other times it drops off to make way for other amounts of creativity and that is okay.

Suddenly we've emerged from a long, dark winter (which always makes me think of this book) and my hibernation is magically over with -- I crave human interaction and time with friends and fun nights out and meaningful conversation. A few short months ago my nights were the same, over and over (putting on pajamas after work and snuggling in bed alone with Netflix and endless amounts of crocheting because it was only 5:30 PM and pitch dark and so cold), and now that's so long gone and I am so happy. It was a lovely season of hibernation in which social interactions felt like torture and I can't even really imagine it now, but I know I needed it.

Suddenly I have more custom design work than I've ever had before and I'm starting to think I need some type of plan, a business plan, to get me through successfully. There's my class work (taking a class again after being so long out of school is so stimulating) and the writing submissions I've gotten brave about and everything, everything else.

Spring arrived and I feel like I have, too. I'm sure this is a common feeling right now, especially in New England. The flowers will always bloom, the grass will always sprout, spring will always come.


*Photo above inspired by my new favorite photo project, I Woke Up Like This.