summer: week 01.

My intention this summer is to break out my big camera more often, being more mindful of the small moments that make up a season. I hope to post often, collecting bits and pieces of my week and gathering them here. And if the following weeks of this summer are as exciting as the first, I think I'll have a lot to share.

I spent the last five days at the lake in New Hampshire, gathering with friends for a birthday celebration -- and also just any reason for us all to vacation together. It was hard tapping into that vacation mindset at first, knowing that this happiness is okay and we deserve time away, but soon we were boating and tubing and napping and kayaking and feasting. It felt so special to be surrounded by so many incredible people in my life, and Hannah and I often had to remind ourselves that this could be the new norm -- supportive friends could become family and joy could become constant. It was such a magical time (besides the fever and ear infection I developed) and we're already planning our next visit back.

on the deck

the boat

on the deck

on the deck

on the deck

little chloe

the best beach!



paddle boating babes

lake house mirror selfie

mornings on the dock

lake lunch

pitcher of margarita

on the deck

getting the shot

lakeside bonfire

june night sky

birthday celebration prep

birthday celebration fish tacos

birthday celebration night!

birthday cake cutting

adorable hannah

boating jackson

can jam!

deck beauty

lake sunset