summer: weeks 02 + 03.

Ah yes, weeks two and three of summer 2015. Otherwise known as The Pneumonia Weeks.

They've been rough ones. It feels like half of my photos from these weeks, as you'll see below, have been of my very-lived-in bed. (Something about light in mussed up sheets is just so beautiful to me and so, I couldn't stop photographing it.) There was usually my computer close by. And medicine and cough drops and water and a thermometer. I'd never experienced pneumonia before but man, is it no joke. My body is still recovering from violently coughing every minute for two weeks straight, and adjusting to now coughing less intensely slightly less often. I'm so thankful it's almost over. Never again, body, never again.

Of course, there were also still moments around the house that I captured while being out of work for almost a week. There was a trip to Philadelphia that I managed to mostly-recover for just in time. There was heat and thunderstorms and books and soup. I'm so glad to have had my camera handy.

But please, please -- slow down, summer. I need to catch up!