Life has felt overwhelmed by the plague of six-week-long bronchitis and so my big camera hasn't made its way out as much as I thought it would. Nonetheless, iPhone pictures that never make it to social media might be some of my favorite. Life, lately:


Kristin and I had been wanting to go blueberry picking at the farm all summer, and finally made it happen one sticky Thursday night. The clouds were heavy and the teal netting cast an eerie light over the bushes and finally it started drizzling, slowly. The whole thing was so magical.


Finding beauty in the mundane, even when something like pulling into your parking spot feels old and tiresome.


A hike up a hill overlooking Providence, taking in the view of the city and getting swarmed by mosquitoes.


The day my family put the family dog to sleep, he told me he was picking me up from work and taking me out. We ate burgers and drank beers and raised our glasses to Sieta, and I snapped this picture of him because he's just too cute.


My new logo rubber stamp. I'm sort of addicted to it and want to stamp it on everything. Too much?


Trampled by Turtles at The Columbus. One of the best shows I've seen, so good.


Sometimes I ride the bus home from work and am irritated/disgusted/disheartened by my experiences. Other times the bus seems full of wonder and inspiration, like when I couldn't resist the urge to snap of picture of these two kids in front of me, kneeling on the seats and watching the world go by as the afternoon light streamed in around them.


Finally, a long weekend on Block Island. So grateful to friends who live there year-round and offer up their magic cottage to you for a place to lay your head.