TILT (things I love thursday)


Once upon a time I had a service job at a desk in a converted storeroom in the back of an elementary school cafeteria, with cinder block walls and freezing temperatures and absolutely no windows. My sister Rachel simultaneously had an office job in a big building in Washington where she sat at a desk during the same hours (albeit with a window).

So we started typing to each other. And in the midst of the pages-long emails where we spilled out everything we would have been saying over the phone (one time my boss asked me if I was writing a novel since she could hear me typing for so long), we'd write TILTs.

TILT. Things I Love Thursday. (Or Tuesday, as the case may be.) I'm not sure where it came from but they suddenly became little bright spots in our week, where one of us would send a TILT and the other would be forced to think of five things they loved that day, even if they felt like they had none. It always worked. And I miss those days.

So! TILT. Here. Now. Ready?


1. I've changed the alarm on my phone to be called "You're alive!" so that every morning when it goes off and I'm abruptly awakened in a deep sleep to head out to a job I don't-particularly-love, I'm reminded "You're alive!" right there on the screen. I thought it would be slightly corny but this morning I woke up and actually chuckled (yes, chuckled, at 6:15AM while half asleep) so I think it's working.

2. Tomorrow I head off to meet my siblings at a campground on a nearby lake for our 2nd annual siblings camping trip (this time it includes a dog) and I'm entirely thrilled to think of a whole weekend of sleeping in tents and making campfires and eating s'mores and hiking through the woods. Last year we went to Acadia and while it was lovely, I'm excited to only be traveling an hour this year instead of seven. (Let's just say there were a few hangry passengers last year, ahem.)

3. Peach-pear La Croix. I have to forcibly limit myself to one or two cans a day or else this would be all I'd ever drink. Have you had it? It's the one flavor they've put out that I just can't get enough of.

4. Every morning I find myself at my work desk and though I have plenty of things I could be doing for my actual job, I can't stop the business ideas from bubbling up and taking over. It's quite embarrassing how much business planning I get done at this 9-to-5. There's so much in the works that I'm ridiculously excited about. Now to just put them into action when I'm not at my desk....

5. I requested the fourth Game of Thrones book from the library and I just got the email last night letting me know that it's in. (Does anyone else still request books from the library? It's so satisfying.) Seeing as how I just finished the current book I've been reading today at lunch, I can't wait to pick up GOT and get back into it. (Though I know, yes, I'm hopelessly behind the TV-watchers -- they love to remind me of that.)

Okay, your turn! What are you five TILTs?