first ever custom design sale + giveaway!

I've never done this before.....but it's time for a giveaway and sale on custom design!

As I've been traveling Southeast Asia, I've been fulfilling so many desires and wishes -- freedom, exploration, independence, connecting with nature, seeing the world. But one thing has been very noticeably missing -- creativity! 

I'm making more and more time for it (and trying to blog as well as I can with spotty wifi), but I also wanted to host a fun little giveaway and short sale on custom design. Both because I love it so much and want to force myself to do more while I'm away, and also because I'd love to fund my travels a little longer!

All the details are below. If you'd like to place your order, just fill out the quick webform below. I would love to work with you! If you've been thinking of placing an order, now is a good time -- I've never run a sale on these before and I'm not sure I'll be able to again for awhile.

And! If you'd like to enter the giveaway to win a custom design of your choice (worth up to $85) head over to my Facebook page to enter! Just a quick like and share will get you in the running :)

custom design sale!

Place your order Tuesday, May 17th - Friday, May 20th ONLY


Option 1: Tattoo design

$60 (regularly $85)   |   Up to three words |   Three choices of designs

I am a steady believer: tattooing our bodies can have the ability to create permanent empowerment, marking moments and time on our skin in ink, forever marking our bodies with love. Seeing humans feel the thrill of literally branding themselves with their own self-love is so, so powerful.

I would love to work with you.



$25 (regularly $40)   |   Your first + last name   |   Two choices of designs

A simple sweet design of your name, used as a signature on blog posts or emails, as a heading on your website, as a beautiful reminder of who you are. There are so many possibilities for this one. 

See some examples of my work to the right, and see one in action here!


Fill out the webform below to place your order!

Invoices will be sent via Paypal. No refunds permitted once payment is made. Subject to availability!

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