What: A free 5-day journaling challenge to jump start your creativity and unearth more clarity
When: Monday, August 21st — Friday, August 25th
Cost: Free!
The challenge? Participate every day for 5 days and be entered to win a free custom hand lettered design of your choice!*



After returning from over a year of travel, I've been going through all my worldly possessions and deciding what to keep and what to purge. Some of my belongings taking up the most space? My journals.

I've been journaling since I was a little kid, and around the age of 22 I started writing every single day. For awhile it felt like the only thing I could possibly do to get through my days, and I relied on those pages with all my heart. I filled books upon books upon books, and they're all currently sitting in my childhood bedroom closet. They're filled with angst and sorrow and hope and nonsense and I love them so much. I've used journaling to get through hard times, to process confusing feelings, to make difficult decisions, to "talk" out loud when I only want my own sage advice.

My offering: A small course for gentle guidance on getting back to the page, reconnecting with your creativity, and finding some clarity in your feelings and thoughts and decisions. We'll gather together in a private Facebook group where we can support and cheer each other on. I'll deliver an email to your inbox each morning, filled with journaling prompts and writing inspiration. At the end of our week, I'll select a challenge participant to win a custom hand lettered digital design by me!* (It could be a beautiful word to tattoo on your skin, your company name for a logo, an email signature, even just your favorite mantra to print out and hang beside your kitchen sink.)

Let's do this!


*Up to five words of your choice. Design sent over email in digital form.