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A five-day online program to create a more peaceful season
through kindness and relationship
December 4 - 8
$15 each, or $25 for you + a friend

It's 2017. At times, it feels like the world is crumbling around us. Our leaders are hardly leading. People are dying. The hatred is thick. It can feel like things are getting worse, almost apocalyptic. It's hard not to feel hopeless, incapable, like change is impossible.

And yet. The easiest way to create change is by starting small. At home.

With so much going on in the world, it's easy to feel isolated. It's easy to feel like the world's going to shit and no one is kind anymore and everyone must be crazy. It's easy to focus on yourself, just try to keep your head above water, be a little selfish. Sometimes that's very needed.

But how do you feel when your Trader Joe's cashier comments on the squash you're buying and truly wants to know what you'll be making with it? How do you feel a friend reaches out with a text just to check in and see how you're doing? How do you feel when you pass someone on the sidewalk and they make eye contact and smile? How do you feel when your sister sends you a card in the mail, just because? How do you feel when the student loan customer service rep genuinely wishes you a good night? How do you feel when you watch a stranger's Instagram story and realize you both love the movie Little Women?

Human connection. It's powerful.

When we can get outside of ourselves and connect with other human beings, we feel less alone. We feel part of a community, no matter how small. We feel like we belong to something greater. And when we're feeling better, we can be better citizens of the world.

This December, I want to create more human connection. I want authenticity, I want kindness, I want community, I want relationship. 

This is how we transform our world. And what better place to start than with the holidays.



Want to join us?

Starting on December 4th, we'll gather for five days. It will be simple and easy, a super small commitment, a tiny respite in a frenzied and chaotic time of year. A moment of connection.

You'll get:
- Daily emails in your inbox every morning
- Tips and prompts for creating more connection during the holiday season
- A few of my favorite grounding recipes
- A private Facebook group to gather with other kindreds
- Inspiration from some of my favorite writers and artists

Just Me: $15

ME + A FRIEND: $25

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