As water takes whatever shape it is in, so free may you be about who you become.

- John O'Donohue



a ten day online course
May 6-15, 2016

The very first time I saw my therapist, I sat on her couch primly and properly and didn’t uncross my legs and said I don’t know about 500 times. She asked me what it was that I wanted to feel, in the long run. The first word that came into my head was peace and so I said that, quickly, nervously, unsure. She looked at me kindly and seriously and told me that she would be there to support me throughout the process.

In my head, I practically spat with irritation. I wasn’t looking for support. I wanted her to just tell me what to do so I could get this over with.

It took me years to figure out what she meant, and how important support was to my aliveness.

Quickly I learned that I had no supports in place -- I was utterly incapable of caring for myself. I was completely unaware, having lived my previous 22 years feeling asleep and stifled and unable.

Suddenly, I learned that I could feel alive. I wondered how many other people existed without living, without knowing what they need, without the ability to care for themselves in ways that support aliveness and passion and connection. 

When we’re able to support ourselves, we’re able to build our own internal scaffolding that keeps us standing even when our external scaffolding fails.


When friends don’t show up, when the anxiety peaks, when we suffer a loss, when our bank account dips. When we know what will support us in any given moment, we’re able to access connection and self-love like we never have before. When we have the support we need, we feel more freedom to be ourselves. We’re able to slowly build up a little patch of solid ground in our heart to stand on. We can connect to things -- a higher power, other beings, ourselves -- more easily and clearly. 

I soon realized how much I had to learn about myself. Little by little, my patch of solid ground was growing -- even if it felt like there was only room for one toe at the beginning. I learned how much alone time I needed. How many walks in the woods I needed. How much water I needed to be drinking. How much creativity I needed. How I wanted my friendships to feel. How often I needed to see my therapist. How utterly gentle I needed to be as I slowly began to care for myself and give myself the support I had always been missing.

It might not be pretty, but it’s incredibly healing work.

I just wanted to send you a note of gratitude for your online course. You gave us the space to reflect and remember how blessed we are to be alive... and how important it is that we become purposely alive. Mindful. Present. Engaged. So thank you, again. For creating a space and a community to focus on support, grounding, and love. And for reminding us that we are not alone in this wacky world... that there are still people who are practicing staying awake and aware and alive.
— Meg, Rhode Island

Over these ten days,

we’ll walk alongside each other learning to access support in ways that feel good and connected and centered. You might already have a pretty solid self-care regimen, and so your needs may be more nuanced -- how often you need to remind yourself to breathe into your legs, which close friend would be best for sharing a particular woe, how good it can feel to put your hands on something solid. Or you might have more basic needs, and that's okay, too.

It will be gentle and simple and nothing too intense -- just ten days to get curious about how you can support yourself more deeply while feeling connected and in your body.

Purposely Alive was exactly what I needed to breathe some fresh air into the chaos. The daily activities and notes from Ruth made fitting serious self care into my life much more do-able and less scary. Wonderful leader, wonderful women, and a wonderful time!
— Mary, Connecticut

This course includes:

  • an email in your inbox every morning for ten days
  • suggested practices with gentle guidance
  • a private Facebook community to connect in
  • videos from me
  • hand lettered freebies (of course!)

This course is for you if:

  • you feel good about your level of self-care, but are curious as to how you can take it one level deeper
  • you want to settle more deeply into trusting that you're always supported and held (by the Universe, your relationships, yourself...)
  • you yearn for supportive connections with other beings


Purposely Alive helped me delve more deeply into self-care at a time when I needed it most. Ruth created a safe space for us to be vulnerable, which allowed for genuine discussion and exploration. She is kind and compassionate — the perfect person to facilitate a group like this. I would highly recommend Purposely Alive!
— Meghan, Rhode Island

I’ve had almost six years of body-centered psychotherapy, choosing to dive deeply into my own internal landscape and fully committing to seeking out love and connection and joy in my day-to-day life.

All these years later I’m still learning, but have so much more solid ground to stand on now. I’ve come so far from being that young girl fresh out college, paralyzed with fear and uncertainty. And now I'm feeling the pull to write about this process, and connect with you on it, too.

Purposely Alive was a gentle, encouraging way to find connection and meaning in the midst of a busy day. The tools I took away from the course are simple yet profound actions I implement on a regular basis now, especially when I feel stressed or disconnected!
— Kristin, Rhode Island

Want to join us? 

We start on the may 6th new moon in peace, in connection, in love, and in care.



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