Join us as we explore bravery in the smallest of ways — inspiring big trust, big faith, and big leaps.

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Small Courage is five days of tiny practices to guide us toward more bravery in our everyday lives. It'll include:

  • an email every morning for five days
  • little practices for each day
  • PDF printables
  • connection and fun through Instagram
  • a private Facebook group to get to know each other

And it's totally free!

After living the bravest few months of my life this year, I'm ready to share what I've learned about leaps of faith, making big plans, and trusting in yourself. We'll explore bravery in the smallest of ways -- which leads to big trust, big faith, and big change. Some of our topics will include:

  • self awareness
  • letting our guards down
  • dreaming big

I've never offered a free course before — I'd love to have you join us. And please share with anyone who might be interested! 


You’ll also be the first to hear about enrollment for my newest class, Bravely You: Lessons In Being Yourself, Fiercely — a 5-week course in honoring your needs, feeling alive, and listening to your heart. So ready for this one.

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