the great barrier reef.

Oh Hamilton Island, how I miss you. 

Rachel and I flew up to Proserpine at the start of her visit and then took a bus and a ferry to Hamilton Island. (We realized later that if we had known we'd be visiting the island, we could have booked tickets straight there!) It's so beautiful in the Whitsundays — clear turquoise water, palm trees everywhere, perfectly blue skies. It was like paradise. We only had a quick two nights there, and managed to squeeze in a day trip out to the Great Barrier Reef, but I wish we could have stayed all week. 

Snorkeling the GBR was SO much fun. We really hoped we'd see a sea turtle or a reef shark, but we sadly missed out on any big wildlife. We saw plenty of fish though, and even little clown fish swimming around in anemones. (Truly the real highlight, let's be honest.) We hired a GoPro from our tour company and it was such a good decision — so fun to be taking underwater photos while we swam around. It was an exhausting day that we capped off with a swim in the gorgeous pool and some delicious food by the harbour. 

I really regret not spending more time here. Until next time, Hamilton Island!